AeroMax International

Phone : 9841886155

AeromaX is a multi Venture Company, It has established on the principle of simplifying all the business needs in one location. AeromaX provides multiple business products and services with

BioComp Nepal Pvt. Ltd

Phone : 9801830300

Biocomp Nepal is a socially and environmentally responsible private company, developed in cooperation with the Foundation Biocomp Nepal in The Netherlands. The main objective of the company is to

Biosa Nepal Agriculture Pvt Ltd

Phone : 9849421844

Biosa Nepal Agriculture Pvt. Ltd was established in 2011 in technical collaboration with Biosa Danmark. Biosa Nepal produces natural products containing microorganisms, lactic acid and 19 different

Kisan Agro Mart

Phone : 014105104

Kisan Agro mart has been supplying all inputs: materials, tools, an equipment and machinery related to agriculture and forestry from the well managed section with details information.

NAF Seeds Pvt. Ltd.

Phone : 985-1066977, 01-5538748

NAF Seeds, is the Nepal leading supplier of vegetable seeds through its dedication to research and marketing in remote areas as well as in urban and sub-urban areas. NAF is offering a complete

NAFSCOL Krishiban

Phone : 9851159630


Nepal Krishi Bikash Farm

Phone : 081-414067

परिचयनेपालमा आधुनिक तथा व्यवसायिक खेती र यससँग सम्बन्धित मुल्य

NMS Agro Pvt. Ltd.

Email :
Phone : 5531694

NMS Agro Pvt. Ltd., is an agriculture inputs trading startup company. It markets the following products: Bayer Cropscience - Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Neem India - Neem based organic

Shalom Agriculture

Phone : 9851150238


Shrestha Agri Input

Email :
Phone : 015108054

Shrestha Agri Inputs deals with import and manufacturing of agricultural tools and equipments as there is an urgent need these implements in Nepal. These machines have been well tested and approved

SKT Nepal pvt. Ltd

Phone : 9851019005

SKT Nepal Pvt Ltd is one of the leading supplier of Power Tiller, Mini Tillers, Threshers, Irrigation Pumping sets, Seed Drill Machines, Reapers and agricultural equipments  across the Nepal

Tripathi Group Pvt. ltd.

Email :
Phone : 9841220256