COVID 19 , the hazardous virus which caused the whole world to go on lockdown started from wuhan city of china. It growed up rapidly affecting million of humans and deaths of several thousands of humans. Till now the cure have not been found and the medical experts are doing their best to find the medicine of this noble virus is to maintain social distancing from eachother , wearing mask , washing hands frequently and maintaining proper hygiene. Being the developing nation , Nepal we will be facing lots of difficulties for our livelihood.

As our nation depends on neighbouring countries for every things like food, clothes etc. the life of our people is getting hard day by day for the daily basic needs. As this pandemic is getting worse, there are positive sides of this noble virus. The ozone layer is getting better. The natural water resources are getting cleaned. Likewise we nepalese can get better of this situation in positive manner. We can overcome the situation by using our own resources to do organic farming, which will have healthy impact on the people of our nation.

As we can not import food products, we need to learn growing our own food crops organically. There will be lots profits to individual and the whole nation . it will help us to be dependent on our own crop . the imports will be decreased , the local organic products will get the market. The lifestyle and the income of our farmers will be increased which will decrease the deployment of our youth to GCC, European or any other countries in the world as they will get the opportunity in Nepal only. The government must play vital role in this terms encouraging the farmers and specially to youths on doing organic farming in Nepal.

The main resources needed for organic farming are dungs, urines of animals that we raise in our house such as cow, buffalo, goat etc and leaf litter. And most of our land are not being used for farming this is the best time to utilize our time and our land for organic farming.
Organic farming is an alternative agricultural system which originated early in the 20th century in the reaction to rapidly changing farming practices. Certified organic agriculture accounts for 70 million hectares globally, with over half of that total in Australia. Organic farming which is a holistic production management system that promotes and enhances agroecosystem health including biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity.

Organic agriculture have so many health benefits so this farming system is increasing day by day and so many people prefer organic products. As the organic agriculture restrict the use of chemical pesticide, chemical/synthetic fertilizer, fungicide, genetically modified organisms , the residual effect of chemical pesticide can not seen in the product of organic farming which make organic food free from bad effect of chemical pesticide. The postharvest life of organic food is longer than other foods. And also they are more disease and pest resistance. Processed urine of animals can be used as organic pesticide and also neem products can be used to protect crop from insect.

Lower input cost is another benefits of organic farming because it doesn’t need expensive synthetic fertilizer and only use of FYM, compost manure, vermicompost which can be easily made in the home. At the time of this lockdown, synthetic fertilizer cant import from india in our country which increases the probability in doing organic farming.i.e. encouragement in doing organic farming in the absence of chemical pesticide and synthetic fertilizer. There is a great chance of doing organic farming in the lockdown days where the inputs for conventional farming are banded. In this lockdown , all the people from city and foreign country came to the village and nowadays they are interested in organic farming. They also started to rear domestic animals like cows, buffaloes, goats etc and their byproducts can be utilize in organic farming. They also started to cultivate barren land where FYM, compost manure are needed in huge amount to make soil more fertile. Due to lockdown, all the works , jobs, transportation, school are closed so many people are workless nowadays. So they can utilize their time and labor in doing organic farming and they can return high amount of money by selling organic food due to its high market price.

Organic farming is low cost input system where inputs like FYM, dung can be get from home and labor also from home i.e. whole family members are engage in farming system therefore inputs cost is low whereas output product price is high which ultimately helps to increase the standards of the livelihood. Most of the houses of the villages are rearing domestic animals and also doing farming which we can integrate both of them i.e. integration of livestock and crop helps to promote organic farming. Due to the many health benefits of organic food, its demand is increasing day by day although its price is high. Due to its high demand, opportunity for organic farming is very high.

Name: Deepa Shrestha
Clz: institute of agriculture and animal science, paklihawa campus
Level: , 6th semester